Klondike & Friends
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Klondike Stats

Everything and more that you could ever want to know about our big ball of fur


Name: Klondike
Age: born July '99, passed April 2009
Hair Color: white
Eye Color: dark brown/ black with white eyelashes 
Breed: Samoyed
Temperament: loving toward family, newly attracted to people, now better socialized with other dogs; tries to convince Marra to play with him
Personality: big ball of fur, loves to get belly rubs, sly, likes to chew socks, towels
Likes: cookies and any kind of table food, long walks, his Alpha male, head rubs from his mother 
Dislikes: baths, dog food, being on a diet, being left at home while others leave, Black Labs, trips to the vet
Unique traits: very vocal dog; likes to "aroooo" 
Favorite color: white (of course)
History: rescued at age 1 from MidAtlantic Samoyed Rescue; had been given up to a shelter in PA


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