Klondike & Friends
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Marra's Stats

Marra's Stats (Rescued at Age 6 from MidAtlantic Samoyed Rescue)


Born: 12/96, Passed: October 2009
Sex: female
Size: petite
Temperament: real sweetheart; loves to give kisses; little begger; likes to pull on walks
Likes: sleeping on air conditioning vents; digging huge holes in the backyard, flipping on her back and begging to be petted; stuffed animals, her mother, flinging stuffed animals in the air; playing tug with Klondike; barking at the snow, at her leash, at Klondike!
Dislikes: hates to be brushed; staying up late at night
Quirks: squeezes herself into small corners and places, flips over on her back and flails her paws in the air